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Jun 15, 2013
Salmon Arm, BC
Vehicle Model
80 Series
90210 Revelstoke British Columbia, Canada
Purchased in 2014 and driven regularly for 2 years while I baselined, repaired, and upgraded. Unfortunately life got in the way in 2016 and it's been in garage storage for the past 4 years. Since then my priorities have changed so it's up for sale on Ih8mud first then CL in a few days.

248K Miles

$8500 CAD obo

The Good:
  • Starts up easy. Runs well and drives fine -- I drove it from Peachland to Salmon Arm recently.
  • Been in indoor storage for past 4 years
  • OME 2.5 FR / 2.0 RR level stance heavy lift kit installed in 2016 and only went camping once and nothing approaching real off-roading; reason for the heavy springs lift is that the plan was to add front and rear bumper with a winch up front.
  • Before going into storage in 2016, after the lift was installed, an alignment was done at R H Wheel & Brake in Kelowna
  • Very little rust -- a little surface rust starting in the roof gutters and some paint bubbling on the PS front pillar
  • New exhaust y-pipe-back in 2016
  • The PO replaced the radiator right before I purchased IIRC
  • I flushed the coolant a couple times each year I was driving it and filled with Toyota red + distilled water
  • PHH done in 2015
  • Front knuckles rebuilt in Fall 2016 with all OEM parts
  • New front calipers and discs and pads all around in Fall 2016
  • New battery this past May
  • 2.2 Kw starter in 2015
  • Snow tires on steelies currently on it: 4 x Cooper LT M+S 285/75/R16 w/ 80% tread
  • Also includes 4 x Cooper STT MAXX 285/75/R16 (~33") w/ 95%+ tread (barely used) on OEM rims painted black. I can only get it in and out of my garage if these are in the back ;)
  • Second battery tray w/ washer bottle relocated
  • Sony single DIN media player with USB inputs that plays and reads MP3s on USB drives
  • 6" JL Audio speakers added to front doors
  • Replaced waterpump in 2015
The Bad:
  • REBUILT TITLE: Story I got from the PO is that while owned by the PPO (who imported it from CA USA) a tree fell on it while parked during a storm and did mostly minor cosmetic damage to the hood, DS fender, and dented the DS rear quarter. ICBC still wrote it off as an insurance loss. PPO bought the vehicle back from ICBC and mostly repaired, before eventually selling to the PO.
  • Leak in the oil cooler as there is some oil (contamination) floating on the top of the coolant in the radiator but mostly in the overflow bottle. I'd intended to fix it but it's been this way since I bought it. It accumlates in the overflow bottle over time. This definitely needs to be fixed but it won't stop you from driving it as is either.
  • Front bumper dented -- PO had a couple 80s and stole the bumper off this LC for his built LX450 after he hit something -- so the front bumper dent did not occur while on this cruiser ..apparently.
  • A/C compressor died (BNIB OEM replacement included)
  • No Factory E-Lockers just CDL
  • Factory flares damaged on the DS Rear and missing trim seal in the DS Front
  • May need a rear driveshaft u-joint as there is a slight vibration above 60 MPH (2 new u-joints included)
  • Very slight oil drip on the ground overnight after driving previous day sometimes.
  • Evidence of past and current oil leakage on the oil pan.
  • DS seat leather is spearated on seams
The Extra Parts:
  • BNIB OEM Denso A/C compressor
  • BNIB OEM Denso A/C condenser
  • After market Euro marker lights (clear)
  • 1 set of Cruiserparts extended braided brake lines
  • 2 OEM -u-joints

There are more pics but I can only post 5 apparently.

I'll put them somewhere and post a link...

PM me for more info / pics emailed.





Jun 15, 2013
Salmon Arm, BC
More parts I'm including:
  • Used 130A alternator + Bill's kit ?
  • SLEE light harness + switch
  • new oem amber marker cover
  • original and a new oem replacement flare trim for DS front
  • AC drier + o-rings
  • Better PHH hose even though I had the failed one replaced
  • High quality power sterring pump hoses
  • Valve cover gasket
  • Replacement belts
  • HD OEM oil filter
  • several headlight bulbs





Jun 15, 2013
Salmon Arm, BC
> Evidence of past and current oil leakage on the oil pan.

I think it leaks from the rear of the valve cover and collects down on the oil pan where there is still a bit of sludge. Valve cover gasket included.

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