For Sale Salem, OR 1989 FJ62

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Vehicle Model
  1. 60 Series
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Typical story of starting a project and not having the time, energy and funds to get it over the finish line. This was my daily driver for a few years in California (Bay Area) and finished a handful of items to start. All work done at A+ Japanese. Haven't driven her much the last couple of years. Owned for the last six years but haven't really driven since 2020. Not currently registered. Would love to keep it but would also love to see someone bring her back to glory. This was a Northern California vehicle so essentially no rust. Just a few heavier bumps and bruises. Interior is in very good condition. Asking $17k or OBO
Quick hit list of few items done -
- New Knuckles and Front Brakes (rear are solid)
-Old Man EMU 2" Suspension
- New 33" BFG KO2s with 16" steel wheels, full spare, less than 100 miles on them (still have original wheels to go with her)
- partial rebuilt engine around 275k miles

A few items for repair -
- A/C tune up
- Electrical for auto windows and locks (driver door works perfectly, others not so much)
- Clear coat peeling on hood (see pic)
- Roof paint fading (see pic)

Feel free to reach out with questions, more pics or to come and see her.



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