Nov 20, 2013
That one has obviously spent a lot of time at the beach, looks like the '95 I'm parting. From experience, 50% of the bolts will snap if you try to remove them without a lot of heat and penetrating oil. If the price was right though...
Feb 4, 2015
marlon828, RUN, and i mean RUN away from that truck, it already looks like it's got some serious cancer/rust growing up inside the body panels. The reason i say that, If you look real close at the photos you took of the lower rocker box. It looks like someone has troweled a large glob of bondo over the lower rocker panel in hopes of hiding the rust.

The most important thing you need to understand about rust, It NEVER sleeps, or takes a day off. It works 24/7/365 to turn all the steel in your truck, to dust. And by looking at the photos you posted, it seems to be well on it's way to completing that task.
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