Running Hot

Jan 11, 2003
El Paso, Texas
My FJ-60 has started to run hot on the highway. The gauge is at the upper end of the white sometimes in the red. but it does not boil over. I have an electric fan mounted on the condensor with a 185 degree thermostat in the radiator. When I stop driving, the fan does not start running for a minute or two. When I leave the highway, and start driving slower the gauge goes down. The fan clutch , waterpump and thermostat are all less than a year old. The radiator was replaced when I blew a head gasket in Va and got ripped off in getting back on the road. I hope to get a mechanical gauge today and see what that reads. I know it is hot cause the engine pings . Any ideas ?

Mike TLCA 8009 El Paso, Texas 1985 FJ-60
Feb 9, 2002
first thing i always check is the thermostat. even if new it could be defective, jammed, frozen....

pull it out and see if you can compress it with your hands. i've never found one i couldn't compress this way. if it won't work then replace it.

try a colder one if you want. older engines were'nt built to run really hot like they are today, so you could get away with a cooler stat if you want, without loosing anything

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