Running an airline to winch

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Feb 16, 2006
SE melb, Aust
Hey guys, Im a newbie to this forum and have searched to find a thread on this topic but to no avail. I have an 80 series with a Warn 9500xp winch that spends a lot of its time submerged in mud. Im getting sick of pulling it appart and replacing bearings, etc and was thinking of running an airline to it and pressurising it to help keep out some of the crud. Any one done this? Im contemplating using an air compressor from a set of air horns, and having it on a switch so I can turn it on as I dive in nose first. Maybe even run it via the dizzy to pressurise that too. Thoughts??
G'Day and welcome.

I would think you need a compressor that could be on for long period of time. The compressor you mentioned may not be made for that. There are a number of compressors that are made for a heavy duty cycle.

How about using an A/C compressor for an air compressor. We do that here in the States a lot of times. You could also use it to run air tools or air up your tires.

Just some ideas....
Yeah, I already run a Big Red compressor, with 40 litres of air on board for lockers, re-seating beads, running rattle gun etc, but it wouldnt be "cost effective" to plumb the air from my current set up as I would need another solenoid as such to be able to pressurise the winch and dizzy at the press of a switch. I thought I could perhaps run it straight from the tanks, through the winch and dizzy, then back in to the tanks, but I didnt think the seals would hold that much pressure for an extended period of time. (100PSI) Unless there are any other options I havent thought of? I also figured the air would help cool the winch after long hard bursts of winching.
i think doing everything you could to seal OUT the water/mud first and then adding pressure.. how hard would it be to silicone, tape, paint, epoxy shut your winch first? if youve had it apart several times already you probley have a pretty good idea as to where your issues are.

as for pressure i aggree that 2-3 psi on something that is MOSTLY sealed already would be plenty.

Thanks for the reply guys. Just to keep you all updated, I pulled my winch out over the week end and did the usual strip and clean which I am ever so familiar with. I also however, drilled and tapped 2 holes for air fittings, installed another electric compressor and plumbed the airline from the cabin, through my dizzy, in then out of my winch and up into the engine bay with a one way filter on the end. I have managed to regulate 3-4PSI in there to help stop warter ingress via a tap which I have placed near the filter. All seems to be working fine but am yet to go out and give it a good test. Will keep you all updated...

why not just try not sinking it so often, unless you just like servicing your rig often! just a thought
Mate who competes in the Xtreme Winch Challenge used to run an air horn compressor hooked up to his dizzy on his old Land Rover Discovery ute. Not sure if he's running one on his new GQ Patrol with 5L VN V8, from memory they run a distributorless motor, but he was talking about fitting one to his winch.

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