Rubicon Speaker box????

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Sep 26, 2003
Bangor, ME
I was searching around on a lancruiser site a while back and saw a box that fits perfectly behind the front seats. That little indentation. Of course to stupid to bookmark it for later..... I have looked and looked and cannot remeber where I found it. It is callled, as I remeber, the rubicon speaker box. Have done the google thing for hours and just cannot seem to find it. Does any one know where to find it???

Thank you!!!!
greatly appreciate the link!!!! So in myour opinion does that mean you would be inclined to feel that the box is of poor quality? Should I have a locl shop i trust take the design?

thank you!!!!
ANY decent car stereo shop could make that box (probably be cheaper too). Not a quality issue just a history that makes me not do business with some vendors.
Am I looking at this right? Cool box, but it appears that it will be pumping sound right into the back of the front seats. How good can that sound?
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Am I looking at this right? Cool box, but it appears that it will be pumping sound right into the back of the front seats. How good can that sound?

I would guess that the two end speakers are meant to be subs (sounds below 100 hz are omnidirectional so placement is not critical) the middle and upper holes are for midrange and tweeter speakers and are isolated internally from the sub enclosures.

Take a picture of the box to a car stereo shop and they can build it, match speakers to the enclosure volume and probably even cut some drink holders in the top for frosty beverages :beer:

a suggestion, I built a whole rear storage compartment / speaker box for the rear of my 40. Basically I just took metal rectangular boxed bars and put them across from each fenderwell and then on top of it I used aluminum diamond plating. For the front I use a piece of diamond plating across from the front angled part of the fenderwell to the other front angled spot. The bottom screwed into a wooden square piece of wood and the top was bent a little and was screwed into the front boxed bar. In the rear I had some of those under bed storage boxes that would roll out from the back of the 40. I loved the setup. I recently rebuilt the whole rig and went with a different setup but the speaker box sounded awesome and double as storage. The box actually worked to reverberate sound and the ports between the diamond plating and the bars worked basically as bass ports.

Anyhow, my new setup is using some tuffy speaker/storage boxes that have worked out well as well. This is another option for you. I am happy with the way it came out. These boxes hold one 6x9 each and I mounted an amp in one of them for security. They mount on top of the fenderwells and some have cutouts for rollbars, depends on you particular setup. HTH.


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