ROTW sign up sheet

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Anybody I missed??
Sign me up. Will do Max, my 84 and Blue, my 87. Similar builds with slightly different options.

One has dual Optima's, the other dual Sears Plats. One has KM2's one has ATs. One has the ARB ref, the other a NL. One has Autohome RTT, the other ARB Simpson lll. One has Hi-lift, the other has X-Haust Jack. One Tan, one Blue. Both with 22 plates!

Should be a nice compare and contrast.
I'd like to go in august if that's possible I'll have a lot going on including the rest of my body swap, finishing my SOA conversion and some other minor things.

I think I been here long enough and my truck is almost where I want it to be...
Let me know also when I can play...
Really Manuchao!, ya think. You are light years beyond ready.

Would I be able to do a rig of the week :)
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I think my cruiser is worthy now. Took a few years but I'll show her off to whoever will look.
Can we get the ROTM going again?
looks like we have enough to get us going till the end of the year. I'll get it rolling.
Thanks Mace :)
If I can get another 10 or 11 people up and on the list I'll do it.

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