Rooftop tent pros/cons?

May 11, 2019
Knightsen ca
RTT is the only way to go three reasons that you will agree with.
1. No rocks.
2. No tree roots
3. No cleaning tent or tarps when you get home. Just fold it up and It's just ready to go again.


Molon Labe
Oct 15, 2010
sacramento, ca
I have had my Tepui for over 6 years and I don’t regret it at all.

1) sleep up off the ground and very well protected from most of the elements
2) easy to set up and take down
3) saves room in the cargo area as I am able to keep 2-3 sleeping bags (unzipped in the tent)
4) can’t forget to bring it when it’s mounted to your roof rack
5) has a built in bed mat

1) have to break it down every time you want to drive your vehicle
2) up high and easy to fall down ladders when drunk or hung over (learned the hard way)
3)condensation on underside of mat in the mornings
4)cost more than a ground tent

those are my main praises and complaints to the RTT. I love it and plan to keep it. I will most likely go bigger as we are expecting a little boy soon. Other than that it suits our needs.


Mar 24, 2017
Staunton, VA
For me there's one serious problem that makes rtts a deal breaker. A 90lb lab that always comes with us camping. He can't climb a ladder and I can't carry his ass up and down it either. Also I'm getting a little older and can't seem to make it through the night without getting up at least once anymore.

Among others are mpg reduction, weight, garage height issues.

I came to the land cruiser world from dirt bike/ dual sport camping where most of the time we tied a tarp to the bike and slept under that. A nice tent and a good air mattress seems like a real luxury now.

I have used the canopy style tents with cots too which are nice and easier to set up than you'd think.

I'm considering a aussie style swag or just a sleeping platform for solo(+ dog) camps.
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