Replacing seats inside the 60...

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Aug 4, 2009
I am wanting to replace the front two seats and the rear seat in my 60....anyne have any reccomendations for companies that make these, costs, etc?? Thanks for any and all input / suggestions...Troy
i put procar elite seats in the front of mine. they're nice. i figured i would get the rear recovered to match later since there's no direct replacement.

search procar seats and you'll see lots of pictures of them installed. took me about 5 minutes per seat to put them in. i think the cost was around $500 total.
You can also buy any of the corbeau seats and buy the brackets they have....or just make your own.
I got Nissan NX seats from the junk yard. I had to fab up some brackets, but they work well.
a 'search' for "replacement seat"s will show the above, plus many more junkyard swaps....
I put some j**p grand cherokee seats in mine, really comfy. But next weekend I am going to put in seats from a 02 Acura MDX, those are the noise!!
Heres what the seats are like now.
I recently ran across a guy who I swapped bumpers with... he has Supra seats in his rig (I think mid 90's). They are a damn nice fit, comfortable as heck and the electric adjustment was hooked up and working well. Now that causes a problem for me cause Im in the hunt for some myself! :D
I second the ProCar Elites...put them in my 60 with pics in build thread...or you can come by and see them in person since you are also here in Charleston. I have the original tears...and with brand new stuffing in them done by Bendht Brotehrs in West Ashley as well if you want original.

I think I saw your rig at bagel factory of Longpoint Road one day....let me know and can meet up and you can check out the seats in person...
Brock, most definitely!! Are you looking to get rid of the orginal seats?? Also, know anyone in the area that does a decent paint job? I have dealt with Bendt Brothers before as well, good people....How about window tinting?? Let me know..Troy
^ ^ okay guys, get a room, or at least take it to yr local forum.
C'mon sirenmoses, what better place to find new love and let it flourish, than on the mud website?
I just put in a set of the courbau baja rs this spring. Thier brackets make it a super easy job. Total was about 800$. Very comfy, the only complaint I have is the bottom bolsters make it a bit hard to get in and out of a lifted rig.
^ ^ okay guys, get a room, or at least take it to yr local forum.

dude it was all appropriate for the thread...he wants seats...i got seats he can sit in and try before he orders his own...or stays stock.

dont be jealous :D

seriously are welcome to check out the ProCar Elites I put in my 60 for about $300 with shipping or take a look at the original seats I took out that were restuffed with some added lumbar to the drivers seat with no tears or holes whatsoever...about cleanest original seats you will find anywhere.
the corbeu seats are really nice of road they hold ya in so your not bouncing around
I've been using these for a while and really like them. They are not in a 60 but am sure they could be installed with minimal effort. I recomend some sort of spray on fabric protector if they see lots of dirt/mud. There was a guy on the other site that had good prices on them too.

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Procar elite are direct bolt ins for replacement on the FJ60?

Sources for these seats?
are the seats I mentioned above direct bolt other modification required?

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