Removing PS Pump

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Oct 5, 2009
So I was looking at the PS Pump today while I was cooking on the grill. Looks like the High Pressure Line will be a PITA to get off. Can I unbolt the pump and pull it down then undo the line? Or will it be to hard to loosen when the pump is just hanging? I thinking I will replace the High Pressure Line, but I'm not 100% sure on that yet.
do not make it more complicated then needs to be....I just replaced PS pump last saturday...first time got it done...and i did not suffer too much. Enough extension allows you to crack it loose with the wrench just above charcol canister. The hardest part for me was to remove bolt locking the gear on the pump. I had to ask Sear' mech to bump it for me with power tool - aside of that - easy done , 3 hours.

I think it would be easier to undo the line with the pump still bolted in. Mine was really tight and I don't know how I would hold the pump steady if it wasn't bolted in place.
Sweet!! Got a part number on that high pressure line? It's always the achilles heel of this job. Thanks.


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