Remove the plastic from the running boards?

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Aug 31, 2017
Winter Park
Has anyone ever removed the plastic trim from the stock running boards?
I have a 2000 LC and I havent gotten around to removing my running boards. Partially cause I've been busy but also cause I have two kids under 3 and am worried they may need the help getting in. I live in florida so I can't justify spending the money on sliders.

Curious what the metal looks like underneath. Don't want to waste my time if someone else has already done it.
It is aluminum, with grooves and slots. If you are leaving the running boards on, leave the rubber step so nobody will slip.

I removed my boards and cleaned them up for reinstall but decided to leave them off once my wife commented about how much better it looked.
Yes. It is molded with a lip that fits in a slot in the back and over the front edge. It will be easier to remove the running boards completely to remove the rubber. The plastic end caps at the wheel wells have to be removed before the rubber step can be removed. The end caps are attached to the bottom of the aluminum boards with screws.

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