Refills available for wipers?

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Sep 27, 2008
Portland, OR
Does anyone know if refills are still available for our 45 wipers? My rig is a 75’ FJ45 LWB born in New Zealand.
Checked out the city racer ones and they are very curved compared to my very very flat blades.
On second look maybe mine are so old they are just collapsed with time.
No, yours are different. They look like the ones I modified until they fit my ‘64. They’re the ones for the ‘75 and newer 40 series. Superior squeegee action. Spendy. 85220-95402 IIRC.
Thanks for the part # @65swb45 !! I’m on a parts mission now.

And my rebuilt by you steering box is about to go in the 55. Hopefully next week. 🤞

Cheers 🍻
Mark’s part #85220-95402 are silver frame from Toyota dealer online store for 22.50 each or for the same price and this part #85220-90A02 with a black frame.

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