Redoing my FJ60, what is this?

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Apr 11, 2019
Tampa Florida
Hey all, I recently joined a few weeks ago and this site has been an endless library of knowledge for someone like myself just getting into the LandCruiser/mechanic life. Trying to do everything on my own to a)learn and b) it's cheaper. As a pilot, my time is very up and down. I've usually got about 4 days to work on something and then I'm gone for a week. Anyways, I have two things I'm working on right now. Replacing the fluids and hoses, and cleaning it up on the interior. First, I've noticed by looking at a few different 2F original engines (which mine is) that it seems like I'm missing a hose. What hose is missing? I'm pointing to it with the pliers in the photo below? Any advice would be crucial.

The other issue, is an A/C one. I've checked out multiple threads here but can get a good answer. My truck had been sitting for a few days, ran up to Lowe's and came back. A/C is off. Vents are open. And the reservoir (or condenser??) basically freezes up and then in turn leaks onto the passenger side floorboard. What could this be? I've checked the drain hole and its fine.

Thanks in advance for all the help or guidance. And don't be too hard on me for my ignorance lol
You are also missing one on the passenger side of the air cleaner.

It’s been awhile since mine was smogged but those might be lines for the smog pump?

With the ac off you shouldn’t be getting cold enough to condense any moisture on the bottom of the ac housing. So perhaps the ac is on even when you think it’s not? Try discoing the plugs at the ac compressor and seeing if it still happens.
Picture 2: There is a small hose that exits the A/C condenser box. This hose drains dew that accumulates on the super cold condenser from warmer air around it. Is your little rubber hose coming off the end of it in good shape?

The little hose should drip into the engine bay at the bottom of the firewall. That's why you see water drops on the ground when running A/C.
As far as the interior box in for the AC. I would recommend, and it's a good learning experience, to basically take
the whole heater ducting off from the blower motor over to the main heater core box. Get your shop vac hose out.
These systems will accumulate an enormous amount of pine needles, leaves, debris. Clean it all out. Any hose
that isn't containing fluid just check them for blockage. I don't know if this will help with the ice build up, but
it could be a blockage. Please note, I'm from Canada, so I have no AC. I removed the evaporator box from mine
and it was packed with crap!
As stated previously, those TWO open tube connections on the air cleaner are for the smog air pump. Apparently you don't have to smog test your cruiser. Or if you do, those hoses need to be found (used).

In the mean time, plug up those two open tubes on the air cleaner...the one near the carburetor especially since it's allowing unfiltered air directly into the carb.
A 1" crutch tip will perfectly cap that open air cleaner AIR pump tube. Walmart carries them in 4 pack.
A 1" crutch tip will perfectly cap that open air cleaner AIR pump tube. Walmart carries them in 4 pack.
Or a wine cork...

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