Recommendations on wire routing through firewall?

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Jan 3, 2005
Fort Collins, CO
I was curious about soliciting opinions on routing a large amount of stuff through the hundy's firewall.

I am installing,
- a battery status adapter for my National Luna dual battery kit (plug connector > .5", maybe 3/4", wire is small though)
- hot and ground in 4 gauge (~.20" each)
- antenna wire for a 2m (soon)
- antenna wire for a HF (down the road)

I want to route everything through on the passenger side, since this is where I'm putting my fuse block, radio, power inverter, solenoid/connector for the NL kit, and additional always "hot" 12v sockets (in the back). It looks like I have some room to poke through the ECU wiring loom, run down the blower, and then down to the floor. However, it doesn't seem like I have enough space for all this junk, and I don't want to try to squeeze everything through the ECU loom and risk damaging any wires for the obvious reasons. Can anyone confirm this? I haven't pulled the ECU and blower yet out to get a better look from the inside.

Any opinions on drilling through further down from the ECU loom on the passenger side on the upper portion of the foot wells? Does anyone know the diameter metal thickness for a grommet, or know of a Toyota factory grommet that I could install with a drill bit.

Ideally, I'm thinking a new factory like (waterproof) loom would be the ticket. In lieu of that I'm thinking about seeing if I could squeeze the NL adapater and hot wire through ECU loom, skipping the extra ground wire, and routing the antenna wires through the driver side loom where my aux lights are routed.
Something to consider...

This is how I ran the e-locker wires out the back of my cab in my pickup:


The cables are fairly thick, they are 7-conductor trailer cables, very heavy duty. The fittings you see are waterproof conduit fittings, I found them in the electrical boxes aisle at Lowes. There's a rubber grommet under that big nut you see, it pinches down on the wire and seals it off. I used a conduit punch to make the holes, you could use a hole saw. I smeared clear silicone on everything, tightened it down, no leaks.

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