Rear Locker No Workie after Re-Gear?

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Oct 3, 2011
I just re-geared my 1998 with 4.88's and the factory rear locked is no longer working. It worked a couple weeks prior to the upgrade. The work was done by a local shop that specializes in rear-ends. I got under the truck and check all of the electrical connections and everything seems to be in order.

Any ideas as to why it won't engage? I'm taking it back to the shop next week but curious if anyone has had a similar issue.
I had the reverse issue. It was not working and I wasn't aware of it. When I re-geared, my shop fixed it!
Did you try all the usual tricks to get it to engage? Forward backward one side on something slippery one side on something firm etc.
Does the dash light just flash?

Try driving in figure eights.
Yes, the dash light just flashes. I did a couple circles and reversed but I'll try it again on a loose surface.
And you are in 4 low right?
They fixed it...not sure what the issue was but they got it to work in the air and we tested it a couple times on the ground. Back to normal....

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