Rear Drum rebuild kit (?)

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Sep 29, 2004
Houston, the lower bowel of TX
I searched and didn't find what I needed.
In the middle of my greasy poopy sloppy front knuckle rebuild and waiting on my Marlin seals to arrive I have some time to do a couple other things.

I have a brand new set of oem rear shoes and oem drums ready to go in (along with new oem front pads). With about 250K on the 62 I was thinking it would be a good time to replace all the little retainers, pins, springs, etc in the rear brakes.
I'm pretty big on going OEM, is there a Toyo kit available for rear drum brake refurbs?
I looked in the EPC, and don't see any "kit" for brake hardware, springs, pins, etc ... I'm big on OEM too, but with my rear brakes, I just used a MAF kit. Napa or any FNAPS would be fine, too.

Although, if you call Dan at American Toyota, he could probably put it together for you.

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