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Apr 6, 2007
Under the hood
I happen to have some mid-80's toyota mini calipers and rotors laying around in my garage. Since I already have front disc's on my '69 FJ40, it got me to thinking about putting them on the rear.

In searching mud I can only find where folks have used the El Dorado or late 70's Monte Carlos calipers for FJ40 rear disc brakes.

Any reason I wouldn't want to/couldn't put the toyota mini rotors & calipers on my FJ40 rear axle? Looks like they would take way less milling to get to the right ID size on the rotor and they would use the same dia brake line as I already have, but I can't be the first guy to think of this :hmm:.

Anyone done this? Or know why it won't work?
80+ views and no responses? Come on guys - help a brother out. I have tremendous respect for the ability and know-how of the folks on this site, and I am sure SOMEONE has a viewpoint on this........
Might be a sign.... :idea:
the issue with doing this is that the mini truck calipers are not floating calipers. Since the rear setup on a cruiser is held in with a C-clip, there is axial play inthe axle, necessitating a floating rear caliper. that is why people use the monte carlo calipers...
Yeah Poser, that's the conclusion I came to.....sent ya' a PM re: Monte Carlos brackets ;).

Brett - tks for weighing in. I hadn't even though about axial movement on the calipers - but that makes sense.
Maybe an obvious answer but I'll risk asking the question . . .

Does that rule out using FJ40 calipers or 4Runner calipers on the rear as well? I have access to a complete fab shop so making the bracket is not an issue. Just would like to stay with Toyota parts if possible.
I've seen it done using Landcruiser rotors and front calipers and I gather they worked quite well.
I'd be concerned about play but how much could it really be?

I used chevy full sized rotors and calipers (apx 75-1988). Almost no machining to the full floating 45 hub and none to the stock rotor. The rotor is mounted to the back of the hub using newer stock Landcruiser studs (1990s). Also used 1/4" spacers to replicate absence of brake drums and keep same width.
80+ views and no responses? Come on guys - help a brother out. I have tremendous respect for the ability and know-how of the folks on this site, and I am sure SOMEONE has a viewpoint on this........
I have land cruiser calipers, and land cruiser rotors on my 40 .
I can tell you few things. I did them last summer , don't drive it much , but no problems so far.
You think it is easy to do , I am sure gm stuff is a whole lot easier.
I have gone through a very long thinking ,measuring and figuring out process.
Here is the only way it will work.
The rotors have to be installed behind the axle flange , unlike the gm stuff.
You have to pull the axle shafts to do it.
You will need to press the rotors on the flanges using front wheel studs like those on the 79-85 toy trucks (front)
No rim will fit on those studs with out a wheel spacer of 3/16 " minimum thickness.
This spacer is not for clearing the caliper, that will depent on the rim you use,but to fill in the gap where the studs are not threaded.
If you think of having the spacers between the calipers and the flanges, you will have no room to install the c-clips on the axle shafts.

Making the brackets was not a big deal.
The thing I liked was that I didn't need a proportioning valve.

If you think you can use the newer truck rotors ( the ones with longer hats) , so you can slip them on the axle flanges like the gm rotors,I tried that, but didn't give me much room to make the brackets and both the axle flanges and the rotors needed machining, so skip that .
Supra calipers ,,,, I thought about them, also corolla ones.
Anyway those will only work with the thiner 79-85 truck rotors and I think you need a wheel spacer maybe you still have to mount the rotors behind the flanges. To be honest with you I couldn't
get them when I was doing this. So I went with the cruiser stuff.
I hope this gives you an idea.:cheers:

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