Re-gear an 80series with lockers

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Oct 17, 2011
New Jersey
Can someone point me to the right direction to where I can get this done. I’m in central Jersey area and I’m willing to drive for someon that has the experience..

Thanks in advance..
My friend, who had an H3 which he actually turned into a decent rig and who knows cars quite well swears by these guys:

Total Performance - expert auto repair - Mahwah, NJ 07430

They're in Northern NJ, they mostly do Jeeps but the owner has a 40. I dropped my truck off but they were very busy and I picked it up before we could get to work (diagnosing a groan in the drivetrain). They're honest, knowledgeable.

You may be better off looking in PA. OK4WD looks like they specialize in this type of work: OK Auto, 4WD & Tire – OE, 4x4, and Performance Specialist for Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, and SUV’s! at OK4WD
OK won’t do it since I didn’t buy the parts from them..

But I’ll give total performance a shout..

In the mean time.. anyone else have suggestions?

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