Rago Awning Mount Install w/ ARB Awning [No Rack Removal]

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Mar 24, 2005
Boulder / Frisco, CO
I've been reticent to install a huge rack and bunch of stuff on my roof. Enter Rago's awning mounts which have been around apparently, but were new to me.

Wanted to share a quick step by step install for others interested - I did NOT need to remove the existing OEM rack to install the mounts. Simply removed the rear rack covers from each side and then install.

Edit: Include link to mounts. Lexus GX Canopy/ Awning Mounts for Factory Roof Rail

I really did not want to remove a non-leaking roof rack to do this install, which I was successful at doing.

1. Remove rear plastic covers from rear of each side of rack. I found a simple plastic trim tool slid under the plastic enough to pry outward, allowing the piece to be 'bumped' off the other side, preserving the little tabs and my own sanity from purchasing replacements.

2. Loosen and slide the OEM roof rails out the back of the rack.

3. Grind 1/16" or so from the backing nuts that actually run inside the rack rails. This is important. I had only a cutting wheel, so this step was a PITA for what should have been easy with a real bench grinder.

4. Slide said backing nuts into the rail. I used a small screwdriver to help them along.

Plot out what you're doing w/ the existing roof rails at this point. See example photo below - I have a roof box/coffin to consider for skiing. I wanted the awning mounts to be far apart as possible for wind resistance, which allowed my coffin to be mounted with no changes to my previous settings. Huzzah.

4. Mount the triangle Rago mounting pieces to said backing nuts [inside the rails] and secure loosely.

5. Fiddle with the remaining hardware to get the front Rago u-shaped box mounted to the rear portion. Loosely tighten again.

TIP: Suffice to say, with the ARB Awning, should have just locked it all down at the most extended positions for each bracket. Outward, upward. It was perfect just as is and wasted time not doing this for wanting to 'test fit' ... just wasted time in the end.

6. Slide hardware into awning. Mount it up. Adjust forward/aft to your preference.

7. Remount the bars to your liking ... again, do this as you mount the captive nuts.

8. Remount the plastic rack covers.

Voila. Maybe with small hands, this was easier than removing the whole rack and allowed me to 'see and fit' it as I went. Overall I LOVE how tight it fits to the roof and works as intended w/ no interference from windows or rear hatch. Super happy.

Example pics




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Included link. The GX Mounts work on most Toyota factory racks, which is cool.
Thanks for posting this. My brackets arrive this week also dont want to completely remove the entire roof rack.

couple questions:

-The hardware thats included in the kit that mounts the u-shaped box to the triangle bracket....are those 10mm nuts and bolts?
-any tips on getting the ''lower'' nuts tight on the u-shaped box? the ones that are under the roof rail. I'm assuming a box ratchet will be the key to this install.
10, 11, 12 and 14 size nuts/bolts are used, if I'm not mistaken. All is sturdy as supplied, with smaller nuts inside of 'box' and larger outside.

Getting them tight was fiddly with hands wedging into the available space. I used basic spanner wrenches where tight and took a bunch of tiny turns. I preferred this over assembling everything off the truck and then mounting. Adjustments are quick once mounted - but skip directly to max out/up adjustment if using similar tent as any closer just rubs on the truck.

HTH, reach out with anything else. Glad it helps.
the Rago mounts are for sale today. Is the hardware provided works with our application? or would we need additional nuts and bolts?

Also are the 4 runner mounts and the gx the same?
The hardware included does work, with the caveat that the 'backing nut' that goes in the top rails of the rack needs to be shaved down to fit. You can do that with a grinder, ideally.

Don't know about 4Runner/GX compatibility. Not concerned about that as I used it on LC.
the Rago mounts are for sale today. Is the hardware provided works with our application? or would we need additional nuts and bolts?

Also are the 4 runner mounts and the gx the same?
Did you confirm if the 4 runner mounts are the same as the GX (and therefore work on a 100 LC)?

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