putting a 3B in an FJ62

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Feb 21, 2006
Hi - I am considering putting 3B diesel into an FJ62 which threw a rod. Are there any special considerations? I will obviously have to install new motor mounts - will it drop in otherwise? This has a new tranny in it - automatic. Any information would be greatly appreciated. . .joel
The tranny input shafts for the "B" series engines are different from the gassers.
thanks to both of you for your replies - Stone, great link. Whew - it's a lot of work! Not exactly 'drop in', is it? Should be a fun project nonetheless. . . any other replies are greatly appreciated - really any info is great. . .thanks again. . . joel
Hey Joel,
I am no expert, I actually thought that more people would respond here, but from things I have read (someone correct me if I am wrong) The auto tranny you have and I am assuming you want to keep it, will bolt up to an H series enging, like a 2H or a 12HT, so I would recomend one of those engines. I think that would be the easiest install, and you will get to keep the Auto.
A 3B with an auto in a 60 will be S L O W ...!

Actually, a 3B with an auto in ANYTHING would be slow!
Auto's are so over rated, not to say I wouldn't rather have a toyota LC auto then any other auto. I just feel alot more in control of my truck expecially in slippery conditions when I can down shift in 4WD.

I think a 5 speed is well worth it, then you arn't towing a trialer behind you like when using an auto. It will for sure robb a little of the little power it has.

Is this a fresh 3B, if so your in for a life time of running well, just watch the coolent temp, oil pressure and egt's she will serve you well.

not that I have ever driven a 3B with an auto, but if you are stuck on the auto, I agree with the 12HT instead.


Actually any 3B will be slow, didn't they use them for refigeration motors or something? LOL

I love my little 3B
re: auto tranny

Yes, it has a newly (1 year old) rebuilt auto tranny. But I really need the 5 speed manual in it - H55. Anyone want to trade ;p ?
3b in fj62

I am putting a 3b in a fj60 right now, the motor mounts were not a big deal, I think the biggest headache will be the wiring, the starter and alternator are on different sides and the wiring harness are not the same and then there is the whole glow plug and edic (what does that do anyway?), it is taking me a while. Do you have a donor bj60 or just the motor?
have a bj60?

No, just the 3B and the fj62. . . should be interesting. . .still, I am mostly concerned about the tranny matching up. . .
I have a contact in Japan who will send me 3b motors and h55 tannies as he gets them from delivery trucks (approx 100,000 miles) there and ships them mostly to the mid-east. My concern is that I get a complete list of every possible part I will need to put this in a FJ60. Any info on years, specs, parts, would be helpful. Is there some issue about getting a non-cruiser motor/trans that will be a problem in the conversion? Also, has anyone done this and then registered in California? If I bring in a couple extra assemblies could I sell them for around 3k?
Joel, I am currently installing a 3B/H55 into my FJ60. I have a donor truck sitting beside my FJ60, so i have been able to swap everything over from one truck to the next. I have used the engine wiring harness from the BJ60. Motor mounts just had to be cut off the old truck and fitted into the new truck. Iam lucky that i have a standard tranny already because the tranny mounts are the same from truck to truck. All i did was sit the tranny on the mount and then weld the motor mounts onto the frame.

I have found the swap to be very easy with very minor modifications(ie. slave cyl line, heater hose for heater core)

I have just welded in the motor mounts so now i will remove the engine, paint the frame, move some lines that i mentioned and then settle the motor back in. Hopefully with no unforseen problems....yeah right.

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