put the CB in the dash

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Sep 22, 2003
I recently put my Cb built into the dash. I was able to cut and fabricate the original ash tray plate-mount to hold the Cb in place using the stock holes. I have a bunch of pics of installation i can post later if any ones interested. It was a really easy and fast job and keeps the Cb from bouncing around the cab.
well id love to see a few steps in between u crackin the dash and the finale results, would love to see how it looks finished. thanks
I did the same thing with the same radio. This radio, from Radio Shack, is much smaller than the Uniden, hence less material to remove. I got the Uniden for sale if anyone needs one!

ill posr some pics soon i have to crack open the dash again to put in a longer CB cord since im moved my antenna. any spacific pics u want be to take while im in there again?

you have to cut the the little bump at the top off so it will fit flush and bend the side out a bit to clamp onto the cb
put electrical tape on the outside black interior molding that holds all the switches and stuff and then file the same bolt hole tabs on those too
theres to holes on each side of the CB that are threaded to mount it on there universal mount i spot welded a washer on each side in the right location to that the Cb was also attached that way as well however i dont think it would be absolutly needed as it was held really tightly by just the sides of the ash tray mount.
sorry about the crappy pics but its the best i could do. If you have any more questions let me know.\

Where did you decide to mount your antenna, and what length of coax did it require?
i just got a new ARB front bummper so thats where the antenna is and the cable length is exactly 15 for a dash to right hand side mount routed through the hole in the fire wall on the left upper side above the pedals. it will give you some slack to its a nice fit.

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