Puppies need a home!

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Southeast Overland

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Dec 1, 2006
A friend of a friend found these two puppies this week near Clemson, out in the woods. They had been abandoned. He brought them food on one day, they were gone the next when he checked on them, but were back the following evening. He asked around at the local houses but they didn't belong to anyone and he was told that many dogs get dropped off at that area.

They are around 5 months old and appear to be from the same litter. Both are female. They appear to be healthy and have been checked out by a vet I believe. They are probably not fixed (I'm not positive). Both are very friendly. The black one is a little scared of things and you can't blame her.

Call 864-787-4504 if you want contact information.


image (1)7.jpeg

image (2)8.jpeg
nice lookin labs. I can't have pets anymore (travel schedule) or they would be tempting.
I'll pass this around and if you can't find them a home visit any pet-smart on Saturday or look up a local rescue like upstate animal rescue.
That's fantastic!!! I had a guy a work I was going to show him when I saw this!!!
AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Thanks Steve for finding these girls a home!

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