Project Two Speed

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Sep 16, 2004
As in Slow and Stop....

This is one of the two I got from Don, a '60 FST, he was going to blend the two together and make one, which is what I was kinda thinking of doing also, someday...then the Daughter marches in, points at it, and says:"I want that one"....through the mystical workings of Garage Politics "Two Speed" is the number one priority, room has been made, other distractions placed under tarps, now I'm focused like a freakin shark with a laser beam on my head....right....

All guesses are that this rig came from South America, probably because the VIN tag and tuneup data on the valve cover are in Spanish. The only oddities are the swingout tailgates with sidemount spare and side facing seats, and no holes in the dash for the tire pressure tag.

This is going to be a functional restoration, as 25 as possible but not pretty just yet...I forsee some designer teenage Krylon color scheme and carnge, good paint if She ever comes to her senses. I'll detune the 1 bbl and retard the timing, see if she catches on...

That be a tranny going in
Cleaned up the dash, removed and repaired the wireing harness, filled holes
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Welded up old heater hose holes on the firewall, then rattle can
Right now I'm trying to get the windshield back in shape, removing broken wiper screws, repairing the broken stud on the right side ws hold "up" thingy, which bred three broken screws holding the thingy to the I might as well do the left side while I'm drilling and taping
The Daughter...7-0 in the 106lb class, uncontested regional (MT, WY, N&SD) junior olympic champ..."Look at my arms, I don't need power steering"
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FJnotCJ said:
As in Slow and Stop....

At least it's not slow and reverse......;) The old four speed should keep it pretty slow, between that and the steering, the 25 should provide her a good upper body workout. :D
No measurable progress, did get some parts from CDan, made a deal with the body man to bang out some older F fenders, and just had to call attention to the Cruiser Daughters (CruD's) new stats!
You know it's been a long time since you posted a progress report when you can't find your own thread...

Most of the windshield frame is done, replaced a hinge and got the vent working, all the hinge screws came out in one piece thanks to "my little friend", happy about that.

Cruiser Chick stated that fuel and sparks, when added to an engine, would produce smoke and noise, so I put the theory to a test....and you know She was right! The darn thing lives:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: It is going to need a head gasket for sure, impressive frothy milkshake spewing from the radiator when reved, BUT IT LIVES! (for a little while). 155, 45, 110, 65, 55, 130. I will be happy if it is just a gasket, oil pressure seems good, 25 at warm idle, 45 when reved.

I guess POs didn't park 'em for working good!
Motor needs to be rebuilt:frown: I feel a serious case of "while it's out might as well" coming on :eek:
Bah. Lap the valves and a head gasket, better than new. :D
Spent some of the day at the machine shop going over the of the cylinders looks like it was rifled by broken rings, a couple cam lobes worn bad, four burned exhaust valves, two cracks in the was kinda nice to have a couple extra 135 heads on the shelf to give the machineist, maybe make one good one...

I was thinking that maybe the valves got burned when two of the locator rings between the intake manifold and the head got buggered, they were kinda sideways and crushed and probably made great intake leaks...just a theory:rolleyes:

Anyway, progress!
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Sounds good Phil. I'm always amazed at how damn bad some of these engines can be...................... and they just sound like they have a miss or cough and sputter a bit. ;)
The body is coming off soon for rust repair and frame repair but I have a dilema: what should the orientation of the cross member behind the transmission be? It is missing, I have a 25 replacement, should I go stock and have it bow down or anticipate sometime in the future a later model trans and weld it in bow up? Will a FJ40 tcase even clear a centered bow (up), as the 40 cross member has a kinda offset bow to it? I plan on using the stock four speed for now, just hate to do this cross member twice...

Thot. If you make the crossmember a bolt in, with pre-threaded plates welded to the framerails, you can bolt and unbolt different tubes as the need arises. I made a crossmember like this for the last 40 series that I put a 4 speed into.
That's what I was going to suggest too........... a removeable one with flanges that way you could change it later. Or just put in the original crossmember and do a SM420 with a minitruck case. ;)
Or just put in the original crossmember and do a SM420 with a minitruck case. ;)

Didn't Somebody try that once? I heard he nearly fell off the edge of the Earth...but he came back to stock...
Tonight's progress, no suprises, getting it ready for the sandblaster...I've blasted frames before and I just don't want to do it anymore!
Pretty soon you'll have a shiny frame to roll around like the rest of the 25 projects! :D Check to see if you have body color and then yellow zinc chromate primer underneath......just curious.

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