Power steering pump options

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Had this dilemma on an older 60that I had and now just rebuilding an 85 60 and here's my 02. cents. On my old rig I pulled the smog stuff becuase I could, Put in an alternator in its place and had an extra battery. Nice being able to jump yourself and....power a winch. Then I replaced the leaky oem PS pump with a saginaw and never looked back. Made my own bracket there are options..There are more saginaw pumps in vehicles then imaginable and its because they are a superior design, simple cheap, easy. Toyota did some things really well...the PS pump was not one of them.
On this build I used a smog pump bracket and mounted the PS down low whare the smog pump would be. Fantastic, open, lots of room and turns smoothly.

Hi all

Maybe a newbie question but - would it be possible to replace the older style FJ60 pump (the one with the bushing that is generally not recommended to be rebuilt) with a newer style FJ62 pump (the one with the bearing). I understand the FJ62 pump could be more easily re-built in the future, so such a swap might be worth it for the long run.

Has anybody here done this (any links to threads are appreciated) and what adaptations would be needed for this?

My question stems from the BJ42/BJ46 front where I have a whiny/rattling pump (the one with the bushing that I cannot re-build) and I'm looking for long term fixes, so I'd like to understand if such a swap would be feasible in your opinions...

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