power drain behind radio fuse on '02 (1 Viewer)

Mar 26, 2006
Alexandria, VA
I'm trying to help out a friend with an '02 LC (with nav). He's picked up some sort of parasitic voltage drain that has been running the battery out. After a fair amount of troubleshooting the drain has been isolated to the RADIO fuse - which, among other things, seems to also provide power to the screen. At the moment he's just running without this fuse, but with the weather heating up it would be nice to be able to adjust the climate control. The stereo might be nice, too.
So here's the question - are there any common issues to look for downstream of the radio fuse? Can the stereo be split off from the whole integrated nav system and replaced (if necessary) or is the whole mess integrated? Any thoughts or guidance on this would be hugely appreciated.


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