Please help clarify the diffock setup for me

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May 3, 2011
Looking for some help
- I have done my searching on 80 series paper clip test
- The switch mod
- The difflock vacume soleniod

All of it, but im looking for some help please.

If I understand correctly the centre difflock will not come on while I am in High unless I do the Pin 7 mod?

(I was under the impression that the centre diff could be locked when in highrange, but I get no responce when I push the button)

And the rear difflock will not come on either unless I do the mod to the blue and balck wire + 12volt mod?

I only ask becuase my centre difflock light dose not come on ever (ABS and rear work) and I have changed the bulbs with no sucsess.

How do I test if the centre difflock is working?

thanks for the great forum... so many great tips :grinpimp:
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in my 2000 the CDL will definitely lock when in high. i get feed back from: a) light on dash, b) audible clunk, and c) binding when cornering on pavement. if you don't have a) do you still get b) and c).

pretty sure the 100 is an electric CDL not a vacuum.
there's a pretty good test procedure in the FSM starting on page TR-49. search this forum for the download link if you don't already have it.
1st off what version of LC are you asking about, a 80 series or a 100 series? For a 80 the center diff lock switch only allows you to lock the diff in high, the pin 7 mod only allows you to un-lock the center diff in low range. Can't help you with info if it's a 100 series.
its a 98 LC 100 series. nope no light in 4Lo either, Ii found the reccomended page TR 49 in my FSM this morning, ill pull out the tester tonight and find a patch of gravel to test al the electronics and to see if its locking.


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