Pitting Due to Rust

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Jun 30, 2007
I am doing the tear down for my front disc and possibly soa project. I found some pitting on both balls at the end of the housing and on my ring gear. It seems mild, but should I be concerned about my findings??? :bang:
Howdy! I'll be the first to say it: "pics would be very helpful!" Is the pitting on the teeth of the ring or elsewhere? Is the pitting on the balls next to the axle housing, or is it on the outer end? John

Im working on the pics can't find the cord. The pitting is on the outside of the ball, and on the outside of the teeth...:wrench::wrench:
Howdy! Unless the pitting on the ball is really deep, it should be no problem. New felts and fresh grease will slide right over that. You could clean it up really good and fill the pits with "liquid steel" or some such product, maybe even JB WELD. Probably not worth it. On the ring gear, is the rust at the end of the teeth on the outer diameter? John

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