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May 29, 2020
Huntsville, Al

I am not trying to write a how to thread here, but instead I am publishing the notes I took getting ready to do this repair. I hope this serves as a reference to others to help jump start their project.

Here is a list of the threads about replacing pinon seals and placed them here to help other find them. I have also added other links with good info too. I hope this helps someone.

Replaced front pinion seal today -

pinion seal repair question -

Rear pinion seal replacement -

pinion still leaking -


Marlin Crawler Heavy Duty Pinion Seal - Early - 1997 4x/5x/6x/7x/8x w/factory 27 Spline Pinion (PN38035MA) - (I have a '93)

Marlin EcoSeal Pinion Seal for 9.5" FZJ80 Axle -

factory Toyota seal, part number 90311-38047

1984-2003 Toyota Seal 90311-38047 | Toyota Parts -

New Yoke

Cruiser Outfitters -

bought part - great people said to count the number of turn off and then count the same number of turns back on and then a little more for pre-load.

Flange, Pinion, 90-98 FJ80 FZJ80 HDJ80 HZJ80 Front -

41204-35040 flange shaft

Speedi-sleeve option:

speedy sleeve from mcMaster-Carr need 38MM?
McMaster-Carr -
38mm is 1.49606 inches
McMaster-Carr - diameter ranges 1.497-1.503 Max delta is 7 thousands

Also the drain and fill plugs have one time use crush washers

Aluminum Crush Washer Drain Plug -

Here is a set from Amazon

Amazon product

U-joint, because why not? You already have the drive shaft off

how to replace the u-joints in your 80 -

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