Pig rear window problem solved

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Looking over a new (to me) piggy and the reason why the back window wouldn't work. At all. Tried the dash switch no go, key switch on tailgate no go. Pulled the cover off the inside of the tailgate (yes from inside in the cargo area). Check voltage at the power wire it was OK. Checked the ground and nothing there. No ground to the terminal. Checked the tailgate closed switch and found the ground wire that comes from the switch to the terminal block for the window motor broken. Jumped from a good ground to the ground terminal on the terminal block and she works just like she should. An easy fix, I will do a permanent connection from the terminal strip ground to a good ground shortly.

I have a question, if anyone out there has a 77 piggy can you tell me if the wires in the tailgate go to a terminal block (76 and earlier have this) or just the round male/female plug connectors (which my 78 and recently parted 79 have)? This is for the white/black and the three various blue wires back there.

More on the new piggy in a separate post.........27K original miles and unmolested (except by the rust demons). Shmukster
I'm pretty sure I remember fiddling with the terminal strip on mine...a '77.

glad to see that you got another pig. I was worried that you were getting low on cruisers up there G-man!


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