Picked up a 77 FJ, with pics

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Apr 22, 2010
Suffolk, VA
I've pretty much been a Ford and Jeep guy, trying out something new and got a great deal on a pretty solid 77 today. I'm reading up on it, trying to learn what exactly I have. I get obsessed when I get a new rig and don't stop until I really am familiar with it. What I do know about this thing is that it really moves and the transmission shifts great. Compared to NP 435s I'm accustomed to, this is butter.
I'm still getting the details but I believe it's a 96 Chevy TPI and some type of 5 speed trans conversion with a granny 1st. And a Jeep steering box.
It's not perfect but it's clean and solid and I got it for $900; so I figured I'd give it a shot.








:eek::eek::eek: $900! :eek::eek::eek:

You've stolen that thing!!!

And the bezel is the right way up and all too!

Looks like you got a great truck. Welcome and enjoy :flipoff2:
$900? hmmm
Thanks guys. I know it sounds strange being new here and all, but seriously that's what I got it for and it's on the up and up. I'm 37 years old and don't play internet games. The lady said she was done wheeling and wanted it gone. I have no idea of its value but I figured it was worth a few thousand so I can't go wrong. I really can't believe it myself, it's still soaking in. Going to title it in the morning and slap some antique tags on it.

Only issue I noticed is she put an electric fan on it and wired it to toggle switch so you have to turn it on manually every time you run the engine. I'll wire it to a thermostat with a relay. And it runs at about 210 degrees, I'm wondering if I should go with a cooler thermostat while I'm there.

Someone made a homemade tailgate for it which I guess is ok, and I really don't know what's under the diamond plate in the back, but it doesn't matter as it's a play toy not a restoration project. I checked the frame and body really well and it is solid all around but there are a couple spots starting around the floor pans. They aren't through and showing holes, but it's showing that it's old. This came from Arkansas originally when the PO bought it and she drove it home to VA.
Nice Find. If you read up on the fans alot of guys will put a toggle switch on them. I forget the reason why but IIRC it's for trail riding.....
Probably the best deal I have seen anybody on here get. I looked at one that was no where near as nice last night and 8x more money. :frown: I want your kind of deal. :beer:
:flipoff2:I hate you!!!!:flipoff2:

But I tell that to everybody.
what a awesome find---congrats
god dang! nice:clap:
X2 on you stole that. Why could I not find a deal like that? ridiculous....

hmmm :bang:
$900?!!!! I'll give you a thousand!
Manual switch on an electric fan? A friend of mine put a V6 in an old (well, it would be old now, it wasn't at the time) Toyota minitruck. It was fine for highway driving and even around town but crawling around in low gears on the trail by the time the thermostat turned the fan on the fan couldn't keep the temperature down so he put in a manual switch so he could put the fan on sooner and had no more problems.

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