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Sep 11, 2005
Seabeck, WA
Well, it has been about three months since I picked up this 1991 FJ 80. When I first got it home everything underneath the engine was coated with oil and I had oil spots on the driveway. Apparently this rig had been sitting for close to a year before I finally took it off the guys hands.

Here is what I have done since then: Rebuilt Birf's, OME Heavy Springs and shocks, ARB w/Warn winch, changed oil in Engine, transfer, front and rear diffs. I have driven a couple hundred miles since doing that work. Now I don't see any drips underneath even after sitting for a few days.

So, the BIG question is, just by sitting for a long time, could things start leaking and then once fluids were changed and it was actually driven, things seal up again and be happy :)

I got a bunch of PM parts on the way from CDan, but won't replace anything that doesn't warrant it.

Thanks, Rich J

Cruiser Jimmy

Sep 15, 2004
Grand Junction, CO
The fact that oil is all over the place in the engine bay means that gaskets need to be replaced. Start with that logic, don't worry about the past.

A method to eliminate oil leaks that was successful for me was to start replacing the gaskets from the top of the engine and work down. (this just happens to bo the easiest also)

1. Valve cover gasket
2. Side cover gasket (lifter cover)
3. Oil pan gasket (there are vendors that sell 4 piece gaskets and 1 piece gaskets) Use the one piece
4. Front crack pully seal
5. Rear main seal

Good luck,

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