PCV replacement

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Apr 14, 2002
Decatur, Texas
Just for the novices, like myself, do I share this.
Today I replaced the PCV valve and hose. After removing the valve itself I took ahold of the rubber grommet with my trusty NN pliers and "poink" off comes a chunk. the thing is brittle as pie crust. So I attempt again on the opposite side of the grommet and "poink" off comes another chunk. So I think, OK I gotta get the NN plier jaw kinda down the side of the grommet so as to get a good hold on the inside part. I get about 1/8 inch into the hole in the valve cover between the cover and the grommet, I am about to clamp down with the pliers when "plop" -the damn thing falls INTO the valve cover. #$$^#%$% and other choice words. My naval relatives would have been proud.
The darn thing is in to deep for me to reach with my NN pliers.
So I am looking into the hole with a flash light thinking I really don't want to pull the cover and trying to figure out what to do when up walks my neighbor to see what's up. I explain and he says " hang on" and takes off for his garage. He comes back with one of those long wire grabber do dads with the little claws on the retrieval end. With me holding the light and manuevering the end and him on the trigger we manage to get it close enough to the top for me to grab it and remove it with the NN pliers. Nice to have McGyver for a neighbor.

Moral of the story-if yours has been in there a while plan in it having the structural integrity of Aunt Bea's pie crust and DON"T let the dang thing fall into the valve cover unless you live next door to McGyver.

96 FZJ with stuff.
I've heard they all do that, they're all dried out and breaking the grommet is the only way to get it off. I managed to keep the pieces out of the valves on my second PCV job. Ya gotta have a new grommet when you do this job. Good warning.
That tool really comes in handy. They have them at Sears among other places. Get a telescoping magnet while you're at it.
eh eh,

I've got the formidable trio:
- little push-out claws at the end of a long flexible handle
- magnet on similar handle
- mirror on a long rigid telescoping handle

a little closer to being prepared for major disasters...

cheap stuff and worth every penny too

That happened to me last weekend - actually gave up and just broke it on purpose. :flipoff2: :D

Got mine out with a syphon end of an engine wash gun. Hook it up to the compressor, pull trigger, air comes out and the suction tube picked out all the grit. :eek: :D :D :cheers:
Same thing happened to me, that tool would've been nice. I just spent a couple minutes fishing with a scribe, which worked for me.
Yup, from previous adventures I already own the mirror on a stick and the magnet. Guess I will pick up the claw thingy while I am buying my metric box end rachet wrenchs

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