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Jan 30, 2008
Mt. Pleasant S.C.
Taking the family camping on the 18 and 19th. Depending on how late I get off Friday night.... I should be driving up from Summerville early Saturday morning and staying Saturday and Sunday night. Planning on taking the boys (5 and 3) around the park and doing some site seeing around downtown Greenvile. I am planning on checking out the park with the waterfalls and stuff for sure.

last time I was downtown Greenville was 1996 for a Dave Matthew concert. Don't remember much. I would like some input on where to go and some good food options. Also a heads up if there is anywhere shady to avoid , especially with the kids. . Whenever I travel I like to hit unique local places and avoid all the franchise types.Any input would be appreciated. Thx
Jan 14, 2010
There's really nowhere to be worried about being able to take kids. Greenville is a pretty tame place now. Even the West End (which used be a crap hole) is very nice now. If you are going to be down around Falls Park, Smoke on the Water has really good food. If you get up towards Main Street, Tupelo Honey is great.

If you want some good options besides downtown Greenville, consider making a trip up to Travelers Rest. Several great local restaurants and even a local brewery. Swamp Rabbit Brewery is the name of it. Just as close to you as downtown Greenville.
Aug 10, 2011
Lawrenceville GA
Children Museum would be good for the 5 year old and maybe the 3 year old (3 blocks from Main St)
Lots of local places to eat downtown 128 East Broad Street Bo Daddys BBQ / 25 W. Washington Barley's Taproom Great pizza and huge beer list / 209 S. main St Grill marks great burgers.... also across the st is 206 S. Main St which is the welcome center at city hall to get more info about the area and downtown.

If I can help let me know I'm very familiar with the city (City Police)
Oct 22, 2004
Clemson, SC
Yeah Kevin, you and Scott need to meet up, he's a PO down in the charleston area.

Scott, we always enjoy Carolina Ale house, great family environment and great food and a nice beer list. They also just opened a place called the yard house, haven't been there yet but
I definitely wanna give it a try. Smoke on the water is tasty too.

There is a show at the bilo center on Saturday, something super heros, taking my kid to it. So it's liable to be a little crowded with traffic but they do a good job with moving it so you won't sit may just be congested.

If you want to tackle woodruff road, cabela's just opened up and there are some great restaurants right in the same area. We ate at firebirds and it was very good.

Have fun Scott!

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