“Painless” Hazard Switch Wiring (1 Viewer)

May 9, 2006
Sandy Eggo, CA
When the PAINLESS harness was originally installed into my 40, the “directions” for wiring the hazard circuit were deemed too complicated to interpret.

I recently added a DD cluster and decided it was time to clean up the harness and get those little things that were ignored in working order. I didn’t have a physical reverse switch (just a manual dash rocker), dome light, brake light, & 4WD light were not wired. So I went through the entire harness and hooked up what still needed to be hooked up, cleaned up loose ends, did some wire management, shortened wire loops, added wire loom sleeves...etc.

The last thing to tackle was the hazard switch. Revisiting the PAINLESS manual proved to be less than helpful. I searched and never really found an easy, definitive answer on how to wire the thing up. So using multiple sources, and getting an understanding of how the circuit works, I got it working.

I know I’m not the first to get this working, but I thought I’d put how I wired it (and got it working) on paper. I am sharing this so hopefully someone who is going through wiring the hazard circuit will find this, and this will make their lives a little easier....


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