Overheating after head gasket replacement

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Sep 11, 2012
Los Angeles CA
May wanna figure out why your radiator plugged. Replace HG with OEM. Cheap if your do it yourself.
Most likely from stop leak put in from PO. When I changed the water pump, I was surprised that the outlet for the oil cooler was completely plugged with gunk.


May 27, 2021
Seabrook Tx
Hi guys, I had burped out the coolant in my system, and used the temp gun pointed at the thermostat. Looks like its holding steady around 185F-190F! I totally forgot about air in the cooling system. There is no smoke from the tailpipe, and it actually smells like burnt gas instead of burnt oil since I changed out the valve stem seals.

The original HG failed after my old radiator plugged up and I overheated the 2 miles back home. Miraculously the head and block were not warped in the slightest.

It's a Fel-Pro gasket and I know they don't exactly have the best reputation, but I got a really good deal on the kit from a friend in the industry, and I just want to make it last a couple more years because there is a diesel swap in the works right now.

Vacuum reads steady at 18 and idling around 700. No contamination of oil in the valve cover and runs silky smooth!

Thanks again for all the help and suggestions guys.

Can't wait to be out adventuring again!
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That's Awesome man, glad it was as simple as air in the system.
I've heard a lot of people getting good results out of the Fel-pro gaskets.
I agree the Toyota gasket is the best however Fel-pro makes a quality product.

BTW I'm Jealous of that photo, living on the gulf coast my closest adventure area is the Ozarks in Arkansas. Heading up there in November, can't wait.
Have fun and be safe on the next adventure.

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