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Jan 3, 2003
McCall, ID
Anyone have a photo of an OEM radiator overflow tank from 1970 or 1971? I would really like to see what one of that vintage looks like and how it is mounted. It seems like that changed every couple of years, and I have not looked at enough to know what mine is supposed to be like, or where it is mounted. My rig came with the veritable old used antifreeze container hung with wire from the radiator stabilizer rod. I have seen a '72, but I am not sure it is the same.
I purchased the bracket, tank and cap from a 60 series and it works great. it is mounted to the radiator frame on the pass side.

My 09/68 40 did not come with one, and my 03/72 40 did not have one either.

Good luck!

I know i need one. i have a aftermarket and it sucks.
My rig came with the veritable old used antifreeze container

My 73 was equipped the same way by the PO ....I was beginning to think it was factory original. Sorry, I can't help with a pic. If you can't find the original set up, you can get decent catch bottle from Summit Racing that aren't too expensive...they come in at least 3 diff colors red,blue, black.
I didn't think mine had an original, either, but I've looked at a 72 with an OEM, just the other day, and I have a line on one that is supposedly a 70 OEM. I don't know which one, if either, is correct for my 71, but now I am pretty sure that there was one there originally. The bolt that mounts the 72's tank is there on my 71. I'm into the OEM thing, if I can do it. If not, what I have will work. Someone here must have one!
Spent some time looking at Toyota microfilm today, and was not able to find one in there for a year earlier than 75. Round tank, mounts on pass fender/support, then later years were a shared type of an affair with the windshieldwash container.

Should be able to find something Toyota that would work well for you...

Good luck!

Thanks for looking, Steve. I KNOW the tank in the 72 I looked at was OEM. I haven't been able to find anything but the round ones listed anywhere, either, but I think they must have existed.
I have not seen one in any of the early trucks that I have owned/parted out, but that does not mean that it did not exist.

Toyota is usually pretty accurate with thier parts listings, they only list a piece of hose from the port on the radiator neck, that looks like it is routed between the radiator frame and radiator, and drains simply to the ground.

I am sure that someone knows...

Good luck!

My '72 has a line that runs from the cap in front of the rad to the drive side. There is a metal wire frame basket that looks as if it would be there for an overflow tank, but... mine was missing and had to put an aftermarket in it also.

I check $OR web site and they don't show one on pre 75 but that doesn't mean anything.

BTW, my aftermarket beats the 2 liter soda bottle I have seen on most rigs!!!
I'm not so sure there was one either pre '75.
Both my '74 and another '74 that were both little (if any) modified by previous owners do not have overfill bottles. What the other '74 has is a little tube running down and terminating between the radiator and radiator support bracket.
I do not know if this is stock, or what is, but something else to think about.
The '72 55 I recently bought has the antifreeze bottle suspended by wire as well. Must have been the factory option on 70 - 74's.
i'm with poser, 60 series works best i have one in my 72 and wish i could find another wreckrd 60 to scavange one from for my 67
I have a 71 (11/70) with an original overflow tank :eek: I am really ticked right now that I do not have a digital camera. I ran out to my cruiser after reading this post to check and make sure. Got a flashlight and digital video camera. In sweats, 10pm, out in the apartment parking lot, hood up, standing on my railroad tie bumper, flashlight on and taking digital pictures of the overflow tank with the video camera. What a sight. Glad do not live on a busy street. I believe it to be original as the red cap has the japanese writing on it. It is mounted on the passenger side of the radiator using the bolt and also has a piece of wire attached around it as the plastic is really weak where it mounts to the raditor using the bolt. I will go to and get a dv cable so I can post a pic for you. Will come out better tomorrow in the light anyways. Sorry unable to post a pic right now.
Hey, CruiserWanted, that would be great! Thanks!
Here is a photo of the 1972 FJ40 with what appears to be an OEM overflow tank. It is bolted by a bracket (around the collar) to the inside of the Passenger Side fender. (The horn on the radiator housing is just to the left, and it leans against the shock bracket to the right). I guess it could be an aftermarket addition, but the bracket sure looks like it was made to hold it in that spot.


FYI-That single bolt mount will break, been there.


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