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Sep 29, 2003
The Sunshine State
does anyone know if this is all i send to over the hill, i know the ferg did a lil while ago for his spring over and i was wondering if this is all i have to send im not totally clear on what they do i know the bend up the knuckle arms, but from memory i think the said they rethread somthing for somthing, anyway anyone that knows please tell me id like to send it out today.. thanks al
dude ferg its been two hours since i posted it..i cant believe ya dint respond yet...jk
Just back from class! :flipoff2: Yup, Send the two arms, they'll bend 'em and taper the TRE hole from the topside; also send that TRE with the hole in it (make sure it's NOT the drag link end with the hole on it that's for your stock steering stabilizer :p )so they can taper it also ('cause it'll now be mounted upside-down compared to how it used to be mounted anyways...). Not sure if you were going to, but I'd pull the TRE off the tie rod and just send it--otherwise you'll be payin' a lot more for shipping.

One thing to note (I think I put this in my SOA thread, but not sure) is that my tie rod ended up being TOO LONG :-\ when we tried to set it all back up after the arms were treated and bent. We had to cut off 3/4 inch off EACH end of the tie rod to get the toe-in set up right. Luckily there was just enough thread inside the tie rod at each end so we were able to get away with not having it re-threaded...

thanks a lot man...
is there any way you could take a pic of your steering now that its all back together. if its a pain too dont worry bout it thanks for the help man..

ps. the ass of my 60 is trimed too so we will be sportin the same rig except mines tan. ill post pics when im done... hasta-al

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