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Oct 1, 2003
This is a list of threads on the Orion transfer case from Advance Adapters...

Treeroot's Orion thread

This includes talk about using plate adapters with 465 and 420 transmissions in front of the Orion, why Mike's case was "making metal", and the topic of cases popping into neutral from high and low range.

Treeroots install tips

H41/Orion combo

Oil leak from countershaft

Orion gear information

More Orion info

CruiserMax's Klub

This thread includes theories on why the Orion pops out of gear, what people have tried, or are doing to make it stop.

CruiserMax's pre-Klub

PTO's and Mark Whatley's info on Orion's he has built

Orion mainshaft bearing pre-load

Orion oil question

Questions about "the fix"

Orion Weight

Questions on the Orion

420 plate adapter and Orion weight

More 420 and 465 adapter information

Replacing needle bearing assembly in mainshaft

Orion on road performance

Painting your Orion

Question about gear whine

Orion info

Is the Orion worth it

Detent ball and shift fork info

The Orion HD
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