Ordered my 13B-Turbo

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Apr 16, 2007
Cochabamba, Bolivia
So I don't have it yet, but thought I tell ya'll who care!!

I finally ordered a 13B-T after holding out for 1 1/2 years trying to find a 14 or 15. Yesterday I found a 14B-T+5speed (no transfer), which is nice, but he wanted $4500 for it.

I ended up calling our friend in Santa Cruz and getting the 13B-T w/5speed and PTO (*no Transfer case) for $2900. They have one that has been sitting around for a couple years, but a new shipment arrives in early May, so they are going to give me the 'fresher' one, as long as it looks and sounds good.

I figured that since I have been driving this dog with a tired 3B since late '07 that ANYTHING with a turbo will be an improvement at this altitude.

I hate math like this, but to me it makes sense....

13B-T puts out 120 HP = $2900 $/HP = $24.17
14B-T puts out 140 HP = $4500 $/HP = $32.14:rolleyes:


So that means I have cash for install and bells and whistles like redoing the axles.

That will make the Pig our daily driver for several months, since I have to put my split-case from the '60 onto the 5 speed.

But I am excited that the Sloth will get a new engine, finally.

Photo taken in early April at 13,600 - on top of the grassy Andes :steer:
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Beautiful picture

That will be a nice setup.

More pictures please. :)
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Once the work gets goin, you are practically required to post pictures and a write up of how everything goes. Aside from that, that is some beautiful scenery up in the mountains out there. Wish I could see them first hand.
I am really trying to figure out a way to ship the HZJ62 to South America around Dec 2011 and catch part of the Dakar for a week or so before heading off to do some exploration in the area (Chile/Argentina). Want to be a guide? :)
That sounds fun. The prices I've heard are $1500-2000 from Miami to Iquique, Chile. We have friends that took a cruise home from there to Seattle. Cost them about $3000 total 1-way. I believe the '62 would have to be secured inside a container (if I recall correctly). You'd also have to think about some kind of documentation (through countries and then back into the US.)
If you were to try to get from Seattle to Buenos Aires, I would guess quite a bit more since it would involve going through the Canal + a lot more ocean mileage, as cheap as it is.


Just wanted to let you know I have a 13BT from a BJ74 donor vehicle in my 86 FJ60. Really nice ride, a little loud but great fuel mileage, good power and speed, (5 speed tranny came with it). While I don't live at an altitude, this is a good package.


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