Optima Battery Group Buy ACT FAST - Merry Christmas!

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Dec 2, 2013

I came across this deal on another forum and wanted to share it. I've never bought from this vendor before, but several guys had and all were happy, so I ordered a Yellow Top D31A for my 80 series.

Seems like a hell of a good deal $95 shipped! I asked him if OK to share and this is what he said:

Here is the deal. The last day for me to put in orders for the year is Tuesday (offer may not be available 2018). I sold out of batts yesterday, but I am trying to arrange for a resupply tomorrow based on orders I have in the queue. I think I can make this work . But window is narrow. I will continue to accept orders and send invoices through this evening.

Shipped direct from factory. Includes factory warranty. Red, Yellow or Blue Top models.

Sale price:$95 with free shipping and full factory warranty.

Battery ships direct via Optima from Laredo, Texas (aka dropped shipped) at no extra charge to buyer anywhere in the continental United States. Street address required. Estimated time for delivery to buyer is between 15 to 20 calendar days from date of purchase. A specific date cannot be guaranteed.

Email optimabatts@aol.com to place an order. Identify the Optima battery model desired, along with shipping address and phone number. Paypal accepted for payment.
I’d love to get a few Optimas at that price, but just can’t bring myself to trust an AOL email with no other information.
Ye of little faith. Let me find the link and post it - although it’s from the paid member section of Rennlist so I’m not sure if it will work.
I’m not saying that it is totally suspect, just that without knowing much more than “hey, email this guy with an AOL account for a great deal” I’m hesitant. If he’s a known quantity on the forum and people are vouching for him, that’s another matter.

I can’t see the rennlist post - says I need to be logged in.
I know. Everybody was teasing a bit. I get it. So many scammers out there. I’ll let y’all know if it works and if he runs the group buy again.

Hell of a deal.!
Will let y’all know if he runs another group buy.

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