ome springs

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Wasn't me
Jan 31, 2007
Catlett ,Va.
When i bought my 62 it had the ome lift on it, thats a good thing, the bad thing is it has the light/med springs. What combo of leaves make up the diff between the light /med and heavy set. Anybody have any leaves they took out of a haevy set ? Is it worth it to get ome leaves to try to make up the diff or would a set of add a leaves make it up ok ? Thanks for the input
what are you trying to accomplish? a stiffer ride?

LIFT dude i want more lift, with the bumpers and winch its in need of some help. Thanks for the reply, what would you do ?
take a leaf from Bart.
Maybe a longer shackle.
To get back my height on my ome I went with the man-a-fre long add a leafs and I have the heavy heavy ome springs.
I have the MAF heavy kit and I have 8 in the back and 5 in the front. I have thought about adding a small one the rear for a little more height in the rear for weight. I dont mind a little bit of rake in the overall look. The truck is level right now but I guess because the way the openings are shaped, the front looks much higher than the rear (front wheel openings are taller than the rears). Ive read that the full length add a leafs are better than the short ones.
I have five in the front and 7 in the rear, i put longer shackles on it already, not to interested in the shackle reversal. If i had bought the kit i would have gone heavy/heavy but it was there when i bought the truck. aal's are not a bad idea but i was wondering what it would take to make the ome that i have into the heavy spring pack.
Yeah found the 004 on the rear, from reading the post in the 60 section it looks like maybe the po pulled a spring from the pack already. At seven springs in the rear i think i am down one from what the 004 should be. Need to check front agian because the numbers i got don't match anything. See ya on Saturday.

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