For Sale OK, whose $65K piggy FS in Colorado?

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Looks familiar. I've seen roof rub rails before, but with a 4BT in it. Same color, too.

I was thinking of htownfire's 55. Can't find a picture of it, very nice wagon, also.
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It does look like htownfire's avatar, and that's the engine he was recommending to someone else for transplanting into their pig. Hmm...
yep, that's the pig. it is most likely worth the asking price albeit far from stock...he pulled all the stops on that build. Must mean Rons wagon is getting close to a hundy...;)
For the love of Man, don't tell my Wife that! She still thinks I can bring it in under 5 grand. :)

Funny, I'm hovering right around 5K myself, that must be the magic number to restore a pig.:)

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