Oil Maintenance Light...Battery Disconnect? (1 Viewer)

Dec 13, 2013
I have a 2010 LX570. I have done several things to it in the past few thousand miles that have required lengthy times with the battery disconnected (various repairs and mods). I get the sense that I'm close to needing an oil change, which has me wondering. Do the extended times without power reset the oil maintenance "clock"? Or, should I expect to see my maintenance light come on soon even though I've only driving a few hundred miles since I hooked the battery back up?

Related questions:

On these how many miles does it go before the maintenance light begins to flash? Steady?

Is there a way to see the miles or % remaining?

I don't use the maintenance log in the navigation system. Is automatically tied in with the maintenance light? How is it affected by battery disconnect?


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