SOLD Off-Road Military Trailer/camper Southern Utah

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St. George, Utah United States
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This is a 1/4 ton custom overlanding trailer/camper. I love this thing. It will go ANYWHERE your rig goes. The trailer is equipped with the following.

• Brand new Toyo Open Country M/T tires ($400 a piece).

• A ROAM Vagabond RTT (used 4 times). These retail for $2,200 on

• A heavy duty waterproofed custom made lid with heavy duty struts and locks (will open with the tent attached).

• A 25 Gal water tank with electric pump and shower nozzle.

• A battery tray which powers an auxiliary 12V outlet, interior lights, exterior lights, and water pump. The trailer is also equipped with a 7-pin light system that can be wired to your alternator to charge the onboard battery.

• 2 Rotopax cans. One of the caps to the cans and the keys to the lock for the cans went missing. Its pretty easy to get replacement caps and keys from Rotopax. I just haven't gotten around to it.

• Small 5 gal propane tank w/mount.

This thing is in great condition and is a perfect companion for any adventure on or off road. I've maintained this thing meticulously and am confident in its performance. Trailer includes pintle hitch and receiver.

Asking $7,500










Couple questions:
  • Do you know the dry weight with / without the tent?
  • Would you consider selling without the tent?
  • How does the 80 do pulling it when it's loaded?
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