1. Tony_Farson

    Battle Born Cruisers Black Rock Desert Spring Camping Trip 2020 What: Spring Camping Trip When: May 16 & 17 Where: Black Rock Desert Meet Up: Bruno's Country Club, 445 Main St, Gerlach, NV 89412 (40.652141, -119.354022) Time: 3PM Details The Campsite is at 41.35151...
  2. Lonegrasshopper

    Costco Roof Top Tents

    Here are two roof top tents I saw this morning that Costco is offering while "working" from home. Not sure of the quality, but Costco usually stands behind the products they sell. The hard top is $1,999.99, and the soft is $1,199.99. Those prices include S&H. No, I do not work for Costco.
  3. O Ironman

    Ironman 4x4 Awnings

    A vehicle-mounted awning makes outdoor adventures so much better. Instant quick shade when you need it for an on the trail lunch. An easy get out of the weather quick shelter making it possible to keep creating that perfect camp meal. Perfect for a day at the beach or an extended surf...
  4. How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning

    How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning

    All of the tips and tricks that make setting up an awning by yourself super easy, so easy in fact, you may be tempted to spontaneously set up your awning at ...
  5. How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning Xtra

    How To Set Up The Ironman 4x4 Awning Xtra

    We show you some helpful tips and tricks that make setting up the Ironman Awning Xtra super easy. Available for both our 2 meter awnings and our 2.5 meter aw...
  6. What Makes Ironman 4x4 Awnings So Amazing

    What Makes Ironman 4x4 Awnings So Amazing

    A vehicle-mounted awning makes outdoor adventures so much better. Instant quick shade when you need it for an on the trail lunch. An easy get out of the weat...
  7. brices123

    October ROTM - Casner #8

    Place: Casner Mountain Trail #8 Dates: October 11-13, 2019 Meeting place: Safeway parking lot, Sedona Time: 9:00AM Saturday the 12th Depart: 9:30AM Trails: FR 525, Casner #8, FR 231, and others Stocker friendly: Questionable. I would say in 2018 it wasn’t stock friendly as the switchback road...
  8. C

    Gas Mileage USA vs Canada

    I just got back from a trip to Banff with my adventure setup and was surprised by a gas mileage difference between fuel in Canada and the US. I get a max of about 12.7 mpg with the setup pictured in the US, but from the very first fill up that mileage went up to 14-15 mpg in Canada. Upon...
  9. trythebluebutton

    For Sale  Portland, OR : Wilco ADV SL 6ft bed rack Toyota Tacoma

    $1500 obo / local Portland OR only / possible delivery to 'local' area. hit me up. used one year with Tepui RTT and ARB awning. have awning mounts and Hi-Lift brackets for side rail mounting. holes drilled in both crossbars for ARB awning brackets and in driver side rail for Hi-Lift. excellent...
  10. linuxgod

    OT: Camping recommendations

    Not really vehicle tech-related, so mods please let me know if there's a more appropriate place to post this... We'll be traveling from the LCDC in Ouray to Sequoia NP in August. Google says 16 hours, and we'll have our trailer attached so I figure it'll be more like 18. Thus I need a place...
  11. Land Cruiser Yosemite Valley.png

    Land Cruiser Yosemite Valley.png

    A quick day trip to Yosemite Valley, the falls where really flowing this year.
  12. mep1811

    My DIY side table article in Toyota Trails magazine

    Toyota Trails magazine published my DIY side table article . I have found this table to be very useful. Hope you enjoy the article.
  13. MiataBriggs

    Upcoming Trunk Storage Solution

    I’m building a sleeping and storage solution for the back of 80 Series Cruisers (so far, but eventually expanding to 4Runners and universal designs) and it’s going to hit the market pretty soon. This will be the most cost-effective setup (especially compared to ARB) and you can even buy the raw...
  14. B

    Best vehicle to drive to Tierra del Fuego

    Hi all, Not sure which forum to post this in, so I'm just jumping in here. Just joined. I'm looking for a vehicle to drive from Michigan to Rio de Janeiro via Tierra del Fuego. I'd like to be able to go into reasonably rugged areas along the way, but I'm not very young anymore so I'm probably...
  15. deadman1689

    Small Budget, Southeast USA, Camping/Trail Ride 1994 FJ80 Build

    I'm new to the Land Cruiser community so please excuse my ignorance and I welcome any help and corrections. I purchased a 1994 Land Cruiser FJ80 with 256,000 miles for USD$4,000 back in October 2018. I am loving it so far and it has been a dream of mine to own one for several years. I've driven...
  16. DPA200

    Mogollon Rim camping

    Does anybody have any suggestions for good routes around the Mogollon Rim for National Forest camping? I'm heading up there in a couple weeks for the 1st time. I have never explored that area at all. Ideally, something fun to get to, not too far from Phoenix, no neighbors, not too high elevation...
  17. Dustin Messina

    SOLD  M416 Trailer For Sale

    Saved an m416 and planned on keeping it, but after I got the parts bill for my pig its hitting the market, ha! Pretty solid trailer. Few small rust spots in bed that have rusted through- rest surface rust. I’d hit it with rust convert, fluid film, coat bed and roll. I have a ton of pics I can...
  18. Outer Limit Supply

    LifeSaver portable water filter Jerrycan- September Group Buy

    While on the Rubicon we experienced a slight hiccup... Yep, you guessed it, we ran low on water. Since our return we've been looking for a convenient/versatile solution and we believe found it. So to introduce it we've decided to launch a group buy. This is a package deal and it comes with the...
  19. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale  Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent (Sell/Trade)

    Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent Condition - Used (Great) Shipping- Domestic (yes) International (no) Location - Northport, AL (35473) Asking $1700 OBO I have owned this 4 season tent for 3 years and it has been fantastic. Eezi-Awn is known for their rugged durability, and this tent is no...
  20. MDJ

    SOLD  RTT: Tepui Autana Sky 3 Ruggedized

    Both items are SOLD The tent can be viewed in this folder: Prinsu rack and Tepui tent - Google Drive Tent is 2 years old. Used less than 10 times. $2100 obo. It is in like new condition with exception of the cover, which has light scuffs from trails. Ruggedized Series Autana 3 - This is the...
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