1. L

    SOLD Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.

    Thanks-vehicle not available anymore.
  2. G

    For Sale Autohome Airtop RTT (medium)

    Sad to let it go, but I am moving to the East Coast and if I’m honest with myself this tent won’t see much use for the next couple years. It is in excellent condition. I purchased it secondhand last year. It was barely used before me and I’ve used it less than 10 times. It sleeps very well...
  3. 78CDBEAE-D543-421D-8C2C-8633B0A607B5.jpeg


    1992 HDJ81 Bowfin Cruisers rack, overlander xl RTT
  4. A5232E0D-E303-4F6A-B934-AF24A252716C.jpeg


    1992 HDJ81 Bowfin Cruisers rack, overlander xl RTT
  5. CDDFB88E-9712-45FA-8603-9EF1585AE237.jpeg


    1992 HDJ81 Bowfin Cruisers rack, overlander xl RTT
  6. GXLee

    SOLD East Bay, NorCal FreeSpirit High Country 80 RTT, sale or trade $1,700

    Do you have a hard shell RTT now but have a growing family? Have you layed in your 2-man RTT and wished you had a lot more room? Well I have one of the easiest to deploy, best-made family-sized RTTs made today! This is the second FreeSpirit tent we’ve owned and hands down its the quickest...
  7. landbruiser859

    SOLD Tuff Stuff RTT $900

    Tuff Stuff rooftop tent Have had it for about a year now. Have only used it a handful of times. Sleeps 2 comfortably up top (3 if you want to get cozy!) Complete with side annex around the ladder, mattress + vapor barrier Great condition $1k takes it
  8. kotikofwar

    SOLD 2005 TRD 4x4 Tacoma CA truck Expedition Build + tons of extras!

    Hi guys! So here we go... Located in South CA 2005 Tacoma TRD Off Road 4x4 173K miles may be going up with trips taken. August of 2018 or about 1k miles ago: New OEM cabin and motor filters, NEW Yellop top battery October. Mobil1 Oil change and Toyota filter. ICON FRONT SHOCKS JUST REBILD...
  9. CuCruiser

    autohome anti-condensation mat

    I'm looking for alternatives to autohome's anti-condensation mat. Could someone let me know what it's thickness is? Specifically, I'm looking at getting 2 yards of this: 3d Spacer Mesh Fabric Military - www.ahh.biz Looking to be about $114 shipped. Made in USA. I've ordered thinner spacer...
  10. smakee

    For Sale SOLD - CVT Mt. Rainier Summit Series Extended Stargazer - $2400 OBO

    I have a brand new in box CVT Mt. Rainier Summit Extended Stargazer in Orange for sale. I had grand plans for this to live on top of a teardrop trailer and we have decided to abandon the trailer idea. Never been used, never been out of the box, stored on a shelf in my garage. I bought it late...
  11. Ecliff5

    SOLD Hardhshell RTT

    Selling my hardshell COE Vehicle Solutions RTT. Super easy set up and break down. Ceiling & floor are fabric lined with cargo net, coat hooks and additional storage pockets. Has 2" thick removable mattress. Comes with all mounting hardware, telescopic ladder and poles for tent opening...
  12. RFB

    Installing Solar panel to RTT

    Im going with this set up on top of the maggiolina and Its width will end up over top of the ridges autohome decided to put on top of the shell, So I want to secure it but dont really want to perforate the shell. so is there an adhesive anyones had success with? I dont want this very light...
  13. RFB

    24 volt solar panels MADE IN USA

    Ok I found a couple companies that make solar panels flexible and all ranges of wattage. The only problem is they all claim a 24volt output. Can this be used on a 12 volt system? Ive never used these before and a peelable self adhesive 100 watt on top of the RTT would be perfect.
  14. RFB

    stick on solar for RVs

    Whats the best output/build quality solar any of you fellas have seen or used? I wat to lay out a 120watts on top of the maggiolina and then will install a coil fridge run from witsend to allow for the rise and fall of the camp shell. Dont want to use a hard panels for noise, breakage etc...
  15. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent (Sell/Trade)

    Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent Condition - Used (Great) Shipping- Domestic (yes) International (no) Location - Northport, AL (35473) Asking $1700 OBO I have owned this 4 season tent for 3 years and it has been fantastic. Eezi-Awn is known for their rugged durability, and this tent is no...
  16. Y

    For Sale Sunseeker 2m Awning $250 (Northern California)

    Tent is sold, awning is available. James Baroud Evasion, standard size (not xxl), 2016 model. Lots of information on the web about these quality tents. Used on 3 trips, no problems or defects. Tent, ladder, ladder bag, mattress, and LED light that came with the tent are included. Sunseeker...
  17. MSR3898

    Roam V3 RTT Pre-Sale...........FREE SHIPPING

    To announce the New Roam V3 2-3 person Roof Top Tent we are holding a Free Shipping Pre-Sale. So to anyone who buys a V3 at the regular price of $1399 now through Aug 31 will receive FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states. The Tents will ship out the first week of Sept. That's the Simple Deal...
  18. F

    For Sale Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour RTT

    I'm selling my 2 year old Autohome Maggiolina Grand Tour (see link to picture below). It is in excellent shape and has only been used a handful of times. I'd like to keep it, but I no longer have time to use it with work and family responsibilities. I am a non-smoker and this unit has never been...
  19. BMThiker

    Wanted Hardshell RTT

    Any size is fine, but prefer smaller, tilt up. Not stuck on any particular brand. It's going on my m416 trailer. PM me if you have something in SE region. Willing to travel to pick up, if price is right.
  20. S

    For Sale Off-Road Camping trailer

    Selling a Off-Road camping trailer. Link to my craigslist add. Pulls great behind my land cruiser. On board water, Propane stove, Battery, RTT, 12v cooler, led switched lights, Independent suspension, Jerry can storage, Spare tire, Etc. I had 2 built, one for me and one for bother in-law. He...
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