OEM Upper Control Arms impacting Ironman Shocks at full droop?

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Oct 12, 2014
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Real time advice: Is it normal for OEM UCAs to rest on Ironman Foam Cell shocks (24795FE) at full droop during installation? They are 1mm shorter than Old Man Emu 60000/1 shocks provided in the OME 2" lift kit (442mm vs 443mm fully open). Is there away to prevent this contact while drooping wheel to install torsion bars? Thanks in advance!

I think that is a known issue with some of the longer aftermarket shocks and the stock upper control arm. I don't have a fancy setup by any means but I do have SPC Upper Control Arms on the way from Metal Tech - they're like $450 or less shipped with their 30% discount code right now.

Once I get the Upper control arms installed the Icon reservoir shocks will go in at the same time to achieve better droop and avoid the contact you are experiencing.

The extended length of the shock allows the front suspension to droop more than stock, thus the contact between shock and control arm.
Thanks for the advice, esp. regarding the current Metal Tech discount.

I've been reading some old threads (on SPC UCAs, on post-lift alignment issues, on the purpose of aftermarket UCAs, etc.) and, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like most MUD members (in the 100 forum) use aftermarket UCAs for 3 reasons:
1) to improve their alignment after a suspension lift of 2-3" (using OME 2865/2860 springs or their heavier equivalents)
2) to gain around 1 inch of additional downtravel
3) to fit aftermarket shocks (mainly reservoir type) that would otherwise not fit with OEM UCAs.

For my purposes (desert expo driving, gravel and soft sand, light dune bashing), it seems as if UCAs would be of minimal benefit, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something. With normal aftermarket shocks (OME kit 60000s or my Ironman Foam Cells which are the same length), it seems like UCAs are optional, not required simply because of the extended length of the shock.

Am I off base?
^ Summary is accurate. Keep your front suspension height to no more than 19.5" (hub center to lower fender lip) and caster won't be a problem with the stock UCAs. It can be a slippery slope ($$) otherwise...
Thanks again! One last newbie question, what is the typical stock suspension height in the rear (before modification)?

Edit: Nevermind, after much searching, finally found someone who remembered to measure before lifting, unlike me. Stock front: ~19.5"; Stock rear: ~20.5". After installing OME 865s, I should be around ~22" in the back, so I think I'll compromise at 20" or 20.5" in the front, to avoid the worst of the stinkbug effect. Not sure staying below 19.5 after the lift is possible.
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