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Oct 13, 2004
Hi All,

Long time lurker and off and on multi cruiser owner! My most recent project is a 94 FZJ80 that seems to be running very well. However when I'm holding the brakes down (stop lights, etc), there's noticeably more shaking on idle that I can feel on my feet, and amplifies dashboard parts that might be starting to loosen up with age.

Some notes:
- The truck idles pretty smoothly when just sitting on parking brakes. Cold or hot.
- 1FZ engine sounds great on idle and across the rev band
- Power feels great for its age
- Brakes are working well but may need new calipers/pads/rotor/brake lines (aging) for the fronts (as noted by a declined service logged by Toyota in its history)
- There are 0 noticeable leaks, all levels are good
- EGR has been deleted
- Exhaust pipes look old
- Front axle was rebuilt earlier this year, no leaks around the area and tested with a high mile road trip at high speeds, and light off roading on high/low center lock.
- No engine or brake lights on

The shaking only seems to happen when I have my foot on the brake. I would love to get some of your expert thoughts around this- or is this something normal with age of an FZJ80?

Oct 13, 2004
Seems like an issue with the brake booster. I would put it in park, put on the parking brake, cap the vacuum line to the booster, turn it on, then mash on the brake and see if it still happens.
Thanks for the tip- I'll give that a shot!
Nov 9, 2012
Olathe, KS, USA
I recently changed my brake booster and a miss / stumble I had at idle is now gone. I made no other changes during that time.

In my case, the booster failed the moment I came back from a 10 day work trip. Otherwise it's a daily driver.

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