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Aug 19, 2003
It's been about a month since I fired up the cruiser. The engine turned over fine but wasnt starting. lifted the hood and no fuel in the see-thru fuel filter next to the carb. I havent had time to look at it but it seems like maybe the fuel pump? It is basically a mechanical pump right? seems like it would be real hard to kill this pump. any inputs appreciated. yes i do have fuel in the tank.
My mech. fuel pump went out on me a while back. Replaced with a $40 Napa electric. Haven't had any problems, may eventually go back to mechanical, just cause thats the way its supposed to be, and less drain on my battery/alt.
How long did you crank it? If there is no fuel in the lines it may take a little while to fill everything. The pumps do go, however. I had one fail on me, got a new one, and when I got in there to change it, the little spring was just knocked off to the side. It was perfectly good.
dunno for sure but ya gotta really pump the crp ot of m if they been sittin for awhile, that or give it the ol primer injection to the carb see what happes
Don't want to state the obvious, but check the fuel filter before the pump and after the tank if you have one. If it's dry then either you're outa gas or have a clogged tank. ;)

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