Newbie help! fj55 front fender attachment to rocker area

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May 25, 2016
Bentonville, AR
Hey all, I've posted once before on here showing off my new 79 pig. I'm a total newbie to the world of owning one of these so I'm sure this question has been answered on here but I'm not sure what specifically to ask.

My front passenger fender has come loose right where it attaches to the body or rocker panel below the front door. It's fairly rusted and there is not much material to attach it back to in there. (Right now it's JB welded on because it's a daily driver though I'm not sure how long it's going to last)

On the driver side that whole section has been cut out and a rod is attaching the fender to the frame. And there's some what looks like black expanding foam. But it's holding on pretty well. Is that rod a standard part or a fabricated one?

Is this an issue anyone has tackled without replacing the rocker panels ? Looking for something semi permanent/temporary. I'll try and get some pictures of what I'm taking about out this afternoon. Thanks guys!!
First 3 are drivers side which I haven't had any issues with that side. Note the spray foam if you can see it.



These 4 are the passenger side. As you can see there's not much in there to hold the fender onto. Also the absence of the rod from the frame to the fender as on the drivers side. thanks!




That rods not factory. It should bolt right to rocker. Tie it in to what's left of front body mount.

^^ Trust this guy. He's done more pig fab work than all of us combined. To Bob's point, in a situation like this you probably just need to find the closest, most-solid chunk of frame/mount and find a way to connect. Doesn't have to be pretty ;)
Thanks guys! Might just wait until the JB Weld comes loose again and take it from there.

JB weld is not a structural adhesive, it’s just a modified two part epoxy with filler added for strength.

If you don’t have the ability to weld the required parts back in to make an appropriate repair you could get an auto body structural adhesive at a local auto body supply shop, they will usually let you borrow the applicator gun if you buy the adhesive from them.

Good luck, hope this helps!!

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